Moving Inventory Between Warehouses in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, we can create a warehouse that refills itself from another warehouse.

In this scenario, we have multiple warehouses for a site. We have the main warehouse that contains all the inventory (products and components). The other warehouses host different aspects of our operations.

We want to be able to transfer inventory between those warehouses when a certain operation is required.

Refilling Warehouses

To use the refilling capability, find the setup in Inventory and warehouse management, Setup, Inventory breakdown, Warehouse. Select the warehouse you want and expand the Master planning tab. The Refilling checkbox activates/deactivates the functionality for the chosen warehouse.

Note that the BOM for the item we want to produce is set against the production warehouse.

Using Transfer Orders

Master planning use this setup to create transfer orders between the two warehouses. Transfer orders use shipments to send inventory to a warehouse. You have to follow all the steps that a shipment requires to be able to transfer inventory from one warehouse to the other.

Using Transfer Journals

If you don’t need all the shipment process, another option is to use transfer journals to move the inventory between warehouses.

There’s a setup in Inventory and warehouse management, Setup, Inventory breakdown, Sites called Use transfer journals for movements within site.

When activated, Master planning will create a transfer journal between two warehouses.

Picking from the Main Warehouse

If you set the main warehouse on the BOM, master planning will not create a transfer order or a transfer journal. When you start the production, it will create a shipment. Then, you can activate the shipment, update the picking routes and post the picking list to get the stock from the main warehouse.

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